About us

Mundo Verde Recycling SL is a plastic collection center at the service of the farmer, a real solution for the recycling for any type of agricultural plastic: disinfection, double roof, side plastic, raffia, roof plastic, mesh, etc.

Our 100% ECOLOGICAL and chemical-free process finishes with a clean product that can be used as a raw material in the manufacture of many plastic products. Approved and certified weighing, unloading and gathering helping through, our company is located in the geographical area with the most relevance in European agriculture.
We have years of experience in the sector that allows us to work with full guarantee.

Our mission consists of representing the full solution to agricultural plastic recycling. Our mantra, the idea that guides us, gives a second life to plastic through recycling.
Plastic is 1,000 times recyclable, you only have to put it in the right place after using it and at Mundo Verde Recycling, SL we work to be this place.